Science Report Writing--Discussion and Conclusion


In your discussion section, discuss, analyze, and interpret your results.  What do all of the data ultimately mean?  Based on the information you now have through your processes of observation, data collection, and analysis:

  • How would you characterize the temperature and soil moisture trends you observed? 
  • How do your observations relate to the climate information you have regarding your area (be sure to include a discussion of seasonal variability). 
  • How do temperature and moisture patterns relate to Japanese beetles and their life history?  How might predicted changes in climate for your area affect the timing of Japanese beetle life stages?
  • Were there limitations to / challenges with the data collection process that may have impacted your results?



Your conclusion should be relatively brief (1-2 paragraphs maximum).  It should capture your “final word” on the subject.  Highlight the important points you would like your reader to remember.  Identify future directions for research.