Science Report Writing--Project Notes

Project Notes

  • Figure captions are placed beneath the figure, graph, photograph, etc.  Table captions are placed above the table (see the discussion of the results section above). 

  • When writing about a figure, do not make direct reference to the figure in the body of your text.  Avoid the following:  "As one can see in Figure 1, bracket fungi can have a large impact on the life of a tree."

  • Instead, describe specifically what you want to show your reader in that image or graph.  Interpret the figure for your reader and refer to the figure using parenthetical citation: "Bracket fungi are important decomposers of woody tissue (Figure 1)."

  • Also notice the amount of descriptive detail that is provided in the figure caption.  Provide your reader with enough information in the captions of your figures and tables that those graphics could stand alone from your paper and the reader could still understand the image, data, etc., featured in the figure or table.

For example:

Figure 1:  Bracket fungi are important forest decomposers.  Photo courtesey of Linda Jones.