Science Report Writing--Sources

Sources and Reference Page

  • For background information regarding the larger context of your study, start with chapter information on climate, climate change, biological adaptations to climate, and invasive/non native species.

  • In addition to the background information there, visit the following websites for additional information related to Japanese beetles, climate change, and / or nonnative/invasive species:,,,, or other sites you locate using your favorite internet search engine (google, bing, dogpile, clusty, etc.).

  • The college’s website will provide you with access to relevant peer-reviewed journal articles.  The journal article database—Environment Complete—is particularly useful.

  • Use CSE citation format for the sources you use as “the voices of authority” for your project.  The CSE Manuscript Style Guide can be found at the college’s library website.  On the library’s homepage, you will see a link to Cite Your Sources.  This link will take you to the CSE manual link. 
  • The References page should begin on a separate page--titled References.